CIMC, Coinhashers Individual Mining Contracts.

We want to help individuals and businesses, meet their personal goals as well as supply the industry with much needed mining power. One way we create a win win win scenario, is as follows: 

Coinhashers operates and manages a data center containing mining computers.

 For a fee, (details will be outlined in lease contract) Coinhashers will lease to you the mining hardware, which would stay in our designated, secure facilities. We then setup and monitor the mining activities for a monthly hosting fee. Profits from mining activities, after all associated costs (energy, hosting, internet, management and pool % fees, etc) are deposited to your crypto address, which you contain the private keys to. Once setup, you will have a dashboard that you may login and view mining activities. 

One time Setup - bitcoin or bitcoin cash S9Miner - $5,590.00 

Monthly hosting- Varies $99 per S9 per month.  

Contact us for qty discounts. 

There is no guarantee of mining profits. It is up to you to do your own research and due diligence, prior to entering a lease, This lease does not constitute a purchase, it is not a security offering and you will not be entitled to ownership of any kind relating to Coinhashers.